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Product questions and answers

Question: What is the difference between a Mountain House Pro-Pak, an Adventure Meal and a Classic Meal?

Answer: Portion size; a Pro-Pak is a single serving, an Adventure Meal contains two servings and a Classic Meal typically has three servings. Aside from portion size, the meals are the same regardless of whether you select the Pro-Pak, Adventure Meal or Classic Meal.

Pro-Pak:                  1 serving

Adventure Meal:      2 servings

Classic Meal:           3 servings

Military MCW/LRP:  1 serving in a specialized military package

Question: Are the military MCW (Meal, Cold Weather) items that you sell expired, past government inspection date or are they government surplus?

Answer: No, all of our military meal items are sourced directly from the manufacturer (Mountain House) as new production, they are not government surplus.

Question: If I order an item and the package is damaged, can I return it for exchange or refund?

Answer: Absolutely yes! We strive to only ship the best products in perfect condition. Some sellers will roughly handle the military MCW packages which can sometimes compromise the vacuum seal. We take care to ensure you get a flawless product, but if there is a problem with any item you order, we will make it right via refund or exchange.

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